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Q U E S T I O N S :


1. Can we shoot at a location that I pick out?

Yes. we can shoot at your home or anywhere within the Phoenix Metro Area. we try our best not to travel out of town, but we can probably be persuaded if I'm compensated for the time and you pay for a tank of gas.

See our list of favorite locations in the "GENERAL INFO" menu.


2. What kind of outfits & accessories should I bring with me?

I address this a bit in the "GENERAL INFO" section of the website. to sum it up quickly: 1. For children, holiday and family portraits, think timeless & classic (avoid trendy). 2. Headshots: Gear your outfit toward the types of roles you are seeking. 3. Glamour: form fitting outfits, not boxy. 4. Seniors: Something Classy, something comfortable and something trendy.

Also, see our Wardrobe and Color Ideas in the "GENERAL INFO" menu.


3. I'm pregnant, when should I schedule my newborn's session?

As soon as possible. The best days to photograph your baby is in the first 2 weeks. Just give us a rough delivery date and we can make your session a priority. Then call when you get back from the hospital to firm up a date.


4. Do I receive Color or Black & White photos?

You will receive ALL your photos processed in Color and SOME in Black and White (when color doesn't lend to the aesthetics of the image).


5. Do you photograph Corporate Events or run Photo Booths?

Yes. Give us a call to discuss exactly what your needs are.


6. Do you photograph pets?

Yes, pets are a blast! But we prefer not to mix a pet in with formal family shots UNLESS they are well behaved. If we can have fun with the shoot, then it’s all good though. Pets are a bit unpredictable, and I don't want you to be disappointed with a formal shoot if the pets won't cooperate.


7. I've never been if front of a camera before - what if I'm nervous?

Many clients are first-timers. Nothing is required except that you show up and can take a little direction. Ironically, biggest 'scaredy-cats' end up being the best models. Once we start, you'll see how casual and fun the whole experience will be.


8. Can I bring a friend, guest or other family member(s) on a shoot?

Yes, definitely! It usually helps you relax and be yourself. It's also nice to have some help if you have complicated wardrobe and/or hair choices.


9. Why should I choose you?

Because our shoots are CUSTOM, relaxed and fun! Plus, you'll receive about 10 times more unique photos than from the shopping mall studios.

Oh, yeah... and... bonus!... We provide free snacks and drinks if we shoot at our home studio.


10. When do I receive my photos?

You will usually receive the photo PROOFS via a download link 1 week after our session... For weddings, allow 4 weeks because of the large number of photos. If you order any special processing, prints and/or other products after that; those can take a couple more weeks depending upon the complexity of the order. All images will be delivered to you on disc usually 3 weeks after our session. Bridals and Weddings can take a bit longer only because it’s difficult to process such large volume of photo files!


11. How many photos do I get?

You usually receive 30-50 shots per outfit. For Bridals / Weddings, usually 500-1,500


12. Can I take my photos to Walmart, Costco or CVS and have prints made if my package includes images on disk?

You can take them there, (We can give you a written release) BUT, they are very UNPREDICTABLE photo labs. Our print prices are reasonable, and we send them to a lab that actually cares about the quality of each print you order. I strongly suggest that you have us order your prints for you!


13. Do you have Liability Insurance? "My Wedding Venue was asking".

Yes. Through State Farm.


14. Are you on any Wedding Planning Wesites?

Yes. we are award winners on