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G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I ON :


STEP 1 (Scheduling) - Give us a call. We will discuss dates & times, your desired looks, locations and deadlines. Based upon what direction we come up with, we prepare and secure the necessary equipment and locations.

We prefer to shoot either at sunrise or sundown if we are shooting outdoors. If we will be photographing your newborn baby (or babies), call as soon as you know your due date and we will work around your schedule.

Please call 48 hours prior to the shoot if you need to cancel or reschedule.


I require a $50 deposit at the time you schedule.

CLICK HERE to use PayPal for payment.


STEP 2 (Outfits) - Arrive with twice as many outfits as you think you need. Prepare at least one outfit that is simple, classic and timeless. The goal is to make you the star of the show. Don't bring the clothing that you know you'll be embarrassed being seen in 10 years from now (unless we schedule a goofy, trendy wardrobe shoot just for the fun of it - (we really enjoy those sessions too).

Here are some items you might want to consider bringing along: hats, jewelry, accessories, hair ties, personalized props, nails, body "enhancements", false lashes.


STEP 3 (Hair and Makeup) - Bring makeup essentials, don't overdo it. We strive to capture a natural look, unless you have something specific in mind for a more targeted acting headshot. Remember... Shiny Skin = Bad! - Matte Skin = Good! Bring Powder.

Have all your hairstyles decided on for specific outfits ahead of time in order to speed wardrobe changes. Bring a friend / assistant if you need or want help. Again, remember your nails, and lashes. Also, if we are shooting mid-drift area and/or legs and they haven't seen the sun in awhile, you will want to get a spray tan beforehand.


STEP 4 (the Shooting) - Before we begin, we usually go through examples of shots we will be trying to capture. We try and maintain a casual and relaxed pace in the sessions, we want you to be as comfortable as possible in front of the lens... Guests, friends or other family members are ALWAYS welcome to accompany you to your shoot. If we shoot on location, remember to bring some food and drinks to stay energized!!! We've had people pass out on shoots because they don't eat on the day of the shoot.

Once shooting starts, we usually take 20-40 shots per outfit or look and 200-400 shots per family or couples sessions.


STEP 5 (the Post Processing) - After you leave your shoot, the tedious part for us begins. We import all the images from the camera into our editing software. We delete 'blown' shots (Blinks, odd expressions, etc.) and round up the best images. We spend many hours doing all your "basic retouching" (color balance, level adjustments, vibrance, sharpening, noise reduction) and assemble a folder of low resolution images for viewing. After you've reviewed the photos, you can get back to us with the choice of images you've selected for "Intensive Retouching" (if you are ordering a package that includes it). After we've finished, we will deliver ALL your hi-resolution .jpg format images on CD or DVD and archive them for a year in our studio in case something happens to your master copy.


STEP 6 (Prints & Product Orders) - At this stage you have all your retouched photographs on disk. In addition, most clients want to purchase items such as traditional 4x6" prints, larger canvas gallery prints, a framed series, postcards, holiday cards, Invitations, announcements, proofbooks or hard bound coffee table albums. We can facilitate these items as well. Please take a look at the product section of the site to get a better idea of what printed items you'd like to buy and approximately how much they will cost.


STEP 7 (Tell your Friends) - This is the part where you show off all those wonderful images of you and your family! Pass around the photos at work, post them to Facebook, bring the prints to your next reunion or get-together. If you refer any friends or family members, I will give you $50 off your next session. Remember, what's a great session if you don't follow it up the next year with another one to show everyone how much you or your kids have grown or changed!


As always, feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have (480-225-1480 or